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Why Use A Proxy?

You're maybe thinking you are anonymous and secure when using the internet...

WELL... Think Again!

In fact - Your IP address and other personal information IS HIGHLY VISIBLE to others at ANY time!

Furthermore, your personal data are, and will be kept on file, in databases, storage logs, and could be accessable by anyone where you surf the web...

Possible Hazards:

Among some of the hazards you will risk by surfing without the PROPER safeguarding (with your privacy intact ) - are several and can be extremely severe...

Surfing without taking care of your protection and security - you stand the chance of not only getting your machine seriously infected, but you risk everything from loss of privacy, to spam email, and worse. (In some occasions, even viruses, like trojans, exploit keyloggers and so on...)

While surfing behind a proxy will not guarantee your from whatever risk and hazard there is out on the internet... ..Using a Proxy however, will perfectly SAFEGUARD your privacy as well as raising your SECURITY while browsing the web... And BEST of all...

It's 100% free to surf behind a proxy!

..Sure there may be exceptions... Still, most of the proxies and proxy services unleashed here at - are 100% FREE to use!

Only restriction - depending on the proxy provider - is that you use the proxy for legal purposes only... Same goes for this site!

While we cannot control what you use this site, and these proxy related resources for once here, the general rule is: As by using this website and these proxies, you acknowledge to use these proxies, including any proxy services listed solely at your own risk and your own responsibility. In short, you are responsible for your own actions...

As you accept these simple rules - you are free to use this website and these proxy related resources as much as you want!

Now, lets mush on, shall we...

A proxy can give you perfect access
to webpages that may have been blocked from use at work or from your school. And, as long as the proxy service itself isn't blocked by the same entity, you should get PERFECT access to whatever site there is, as long as you're surfing through any of the proxies you will find at these listed pages and proxy listings!

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Web-based Proxies

These proxies allow you to surf the web safe and sound.

They grant you easy and instant access to most any website that you may have been blocked from viewing previously.

To use one, simply type the url of the site you want to visit into the proxy (like MySpace) and click Surf!

PLUS! - You're now PROTECTED! - Nobody can steal your PRIVATE information!

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